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  • I'd like a way for users to submit feature requests

    You can add a topic like this one in your community. End users can add feature requests and describe their use cases. Other users can comment on the requests and vote for them. Product managers can...

  • What's the community?

    The Help Center community consists of posts and comments organized by topic. Posts might include tips, feature requests, or questions. Comments might include observations, clarifications, praise, o...

  • Feature a post

    Help Center managers can get traction for certain posts by featuring them in a section that can be placed anywhere in your theme. Learn more

  • Which topics should I add to my community?

    That depends. If you support several products, you might add a topic for each product. If you have one big product, you might add a topic for each major feature area or task. If you have different ...

  • How do I get around the community?

    You can use search to find answers. You can also browse topics and posts using views and filters. See Getting around the community.